AI Can Unlock New Ways to Communicate, But Focus on Getting Basics Right

Nearly three-quarters of employers do not have AI protocols for internal communicators, Gallagher study shows

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    Even though the adoption of artificial intelligence (AI) is increasing at a fast pace, 71% of organizations do not provide internal communicators guidance on when, where, or how to use the technology, according to Gallagher’s 2023/24 State of the Sector report. 

    Furthermore, the study found that 1 in 10 communicators (13%) were unsure if their organization used AI.

    The report found that communicators using AI are three times more likely to believe the technology will reduce workloads. AI adopters were also 20% more likely to believe it will improve the quality of communications. 

    While AI can drive efficiencies and unlock new ways to communicate, Gallagher experts recommend organizations focus on getting the basics right and seeking out training opportunities and feedback mechanisms to get the best return on investment.

    The Revamped Role of People Manager Communicators

    New technologies designed to improve efficiency have not replaced the importance of human connections. In fact, more than 8 of 10 communicators (84%) said they rely on managers for communication to some degree. The topics managers most regularly communicate include strategy, vision, purpose, values, behaviors, culture, and organizational change integration or M&A activities.

    That said, three of five respondents indicated manager communication was below expectations. Furthermore, 18% of respondents stated that “poor people manager communication skills” were among the top barriers to success in 2024. In response, organizations are leveraging a number of tactics and tools to improve outcomes. The most common resources include on-demand learning (82%), written and/or downloadable resources to help facilitate communication (74%), managers-only forum/communications channel (67%), and one-to-one coaching/mentoring on communications skills (63%).

    Taking Stock of Communicators’ Well-being

    In addition to identifying best practices and areas for improvement, State of the Sector looked at communicators’ well-being. Nearly 40% of communicators (38%) indicated their well-being decreased in 2023. For many respondents, challenges around dwindling employee attention span (12%), lack of leadership buy-in and understanding of the profession (27%), and having to do more with less (23%) have likely contributed to this deteriorated well-being.

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