Customer Centricity Summit & Awards

September 18th-19th, 2024 - Dubai

Customer experience is now an organization-wide priority and business imperative. In an age where products and services are increasingly commoditized, CX helps differentiate brands and build loyalty. Leading brands seem to be able to do this seamlessly. But what sets them apart?

Customer Centricity Summit, presented by MIT Sloan Management Review Middle East (MIT SMR ME), will explore the winning CX strategies of leading brands. The one-day summit will bring together MIT professors, industry veterans, and thought leaders from marketing, CX, brand, and academicians to break down the formulas behind their proven success. 


As a key sponsor, leverage opportunities ranging from meeting potential customers and showcasing your CX solutions. Participating in panel discussions and onsite interviews. Get featured in MIT Sloan Management Review Middle East and reach an exclusive audience of over 80,000 readers.

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Keeping Pace with The Brand-Customer Dynamic: Where Do You Stand?

The relationship between brands and customers is in flux. What does this mean for brands planning their next CX investments?

10:10 AM
Making The AI-Human Partnership Work

Can AI be a change agent for CX goals? Will it change the way the enterprise functions? What kind of reinforcement learning does a business need to invest in, and how can human resources be elevated to tackle more complex tasks? In this session, we seek answers to intelligent questions about the business impact of artificial intelligence.

10:30 AM
Adding Context to Your Customer Conversations

An AI-powered support chatbot can pull historical and sentiment data to make conversations with customers more intelligent. It can also function as a tool for human agents by helping triage and supplementing them with helpful cues and information to take the conversation to resolution. Are you ready for machine-generated human-like responses tailored to the user query?

10:30 AM
Are you Being Smart With Your CX Budget?

Marketers and CX leaders have long benchmarked their budgets against their peers’ spending. But it’s the age of efficiency, everything that can be tracked – will be. What is the ideal way for CXOs to spend their budget to demonstrate tactical wins and long-term growth? Our panel of experts will debate. Are you ready to put your money on it?

10:45 AM
Can Gen AI be your Next Service Agent?

Automation can help your brand to be available round the clock and deal with repetitive work, sentiment scores, and real-time data can personalize the conversation, and triage can help allocate calls more efficiently. But how do you get your teams aligned with the new technology developments and make the most of your technology investment? This session will explore the challenges and guardrails businesses need to leverage Gen AI for customer service.

11:05 AM
Using Gen AI to Make Everyone a Data Expert

Generative AI tools and platforms can simplify complex data concepts, making them accessible to non-technical users. It can provide valuable insights into customer behavior, campaign performance, market dynamics, and competitive landscapes, helping marketing teams make data-driven decisions.

11:05 AM
Everywhere Stores — the New Face of Retail

The cornerstone of retailing — location — has expanded once again, and the advent of what we call everywhere stores is impacting omnichannel strategy and unlocking potential value for new entrants and incumbents alike. Omni-channel retailers can extend their customer engagement and logistics capabilities via nontraditional sales and fulfillment locations.

11:20 AM
Loyalty Programs are Failing. What can you do About it?

Why do two-thirds of loyalty programs fail to deliver? The definition of customer loyalty has changed, and it’s time for your rewards program to evolve beyond points. This session flips the CLV approach on its head, pushing organizations to rethink how they add value to their customers.

11:25 AM
11:35 AM
Are Real-Time Customer Insights Driving Your CX Decision?

Get answers to your burning questions — “Who are my serial returners?”  “Who is likely to purchase now?” “How do I improve repeat purchase rates?” — all updated instantly with every customer interaction.

11:45 AM
UX Mastery – Designing Dynamic Human-Like Experiences

Conversational Commerce functions as the digital icebreaker for starting customer relationships. But remember that this is an at-will, permission-based, intimate channel that has to be re-earned with every engagement. How do you build approachable conversationalists, create emotional connections, and establish trust while personifying the brand persona? In this session - understand the data and hierarchy of the conversation, how to build design flow and tasks to be carried out, and create a lifelike chat or voice experience.

12:05 PM
Infusing Enhanced Security into Digital Experiences

Companies need to secure their digital channels against malicious attackers—without creating a negative experience for their customers. The growth of the digital channel has also expanded the domain of cybercrime, exploiting vulnerabilities associated with consumer identity and access management controls. Customers, meanwhile, expect an easier digital experience, including fast authentication and log-in, as well as seamless web and mobile interactivity. Can your brand manage this balancing act?

12:20 PM
Who does AI Report to?

This panel is all about examples of when AI was left unscrutinized and trusted beyond justification. If we do end up having a Chief AI Officer someday - who holds ‘it’ accountable at the end? We invite experts from across industries to offer collective learnings on mistakes and challenges that the new era of AI-powered everything brings.

12:50 PM
It is Time to Relook at Journey Mapping

How do you ensure that touchpoints are cohesive to the larger journey, and not just individual heroes? The speakers play devil’s advocate to find and fix friction in the customer journey. This is an interactive session that will address common CX challenges.

12:50 PM
Can Conversational AI Revolutionize Customer Engagement?

Conversational AI makes it possible to simultaneously serve a large base of customers across channels. In the short term, it helps you do more with less. In the long term, this quick, convenient, and positive interaction helps brands build stronger relationships with their customers.

  • Engage with customers in real-time and at scale
  • Deliver personalized product suggestions, and targeted offers
  • Automate routine support tasks and free up human talent to focus on more complex work
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01:50 PM
Does Dynamic Pricing Impact Customer Perceptions?

Venues have said it's a chance to protect the peak period experience and a way to avoid overcrowding. Travel and hospitality say it helps balance demand and supply. Moreover, machine learning works to make these calculations instant and seamless. But how does it impact customer perceptions, and contribute to the experience? This session decodes discounts, value offers, and true and perceived value.

02:00 PM
CX Quiz
02:00 PM
Automation That Can Give Your Customers the 24x7 Support

Today, customers’ expectations for fast, personal support are higher than ever – making automation essential for resolving simple, repetitive queries at scale. In this session, we delve into the Conversational Support Funnel - combining proactive, self-serve, and human support capabilities to avoid known problems before they arise, automatically answer repetitive queries, and ensure only the most complex and critical issues ever reach your team.

02:15 PM
The Anatomy of a Bad Experience: Can Disappointment be Turned into Delight?

You don’t have many chances to get it right. According to a study of US customers - a brand could lose one-quarter of its customers in a single day - after just one bad experience with your product or brand. For good. So, things didn't go according to plan. Now what? How do you contain and correct after a bad customer experience? This session will tackle the immediate next steps to stem the situation and explore how to use it to implement systemic fixes as a long-term solution.

02:20 PM
AI Risk Assessment: Safeguarding Customer Interests in 2024

According to enterprise leaders, while generative AI presents unprecedented opportunities, it is also riddled with risks. Four that are particularly pertinent for marketers, include Confabulation, Consumer Reactance, Copyright, and Cybersecurity.

02:30 PM
Deep Discounts - and Its Impact on Customer Expectations

Are your customers becoming conditioned to expect deep discounts every time they shop? Is the sales decline too sharp when discount offers are withdrawn, leaving customers to primarily associate your products with discounted prices - or worse, cheap quality? This session delves into the implications of discount-driven consumer behavior on customer expectations and its ripple effect on your sales team/revenue/growth. 

02:40 PM
Why Your CX Metrics Need to Change

The customer isn’t what he or she used to be – so why should the way we measure success be the same? In this session, speakers debate the relevance of NPS and the way it is measured and suggest new metrics that can help give CX leaders a more wholesome view of what customers feel.

02:45 PM
Turning up the Volume on the Voice of Customer

Voice of the customer analysis best practices now prioritize voice and text interactions, in addition to sentiment scores. This session will cover active listening models for brands, and insights on how to collect and analyze data to channel the insights into product development and service refinement.

03:00 PM
A Behavioral Psychologist’s Guide to Consumer Decision-Making

Is it possible to influence buying decisions? Through an examination of emotions, social cues, and subconscious biases, this session aims to elucidate the intricate mechanisms that shape individuals' purchasing behaviors. Drawing upon insights from a behavioral psychologist, the study navigates the labyrinth of the human mind to uncover the hidden drivers behind consumer decision-making processes. 

03:15 PM
Building Customer-Centric Personalization Engines

Can your personalization engine put the customer at its core? Explore the transformative potential of personalization engines that prioritize customer needs and preferences. By harnessing sophisticated AI and customer journey analytics, this session delves into the architecture of a personalized experience that drives ROI.

03:20 PM

The Customer Centricity Awards celebrate the efforts by brands towards giving customers what they want.

Led by MIT’s editorial team, these awards honour companies in the Middle East that have significantly impacted their industries with exceptional CX strategies.

03:30 PM
The AI Adoption-Payoff Curve – Making Moves for CX Wins

Gartner has predicted that more than 80% of enterprises will use generative AI APIs or will have deployed generative AI applications by 2026. That’s up from 5% in 2023. Expert panelists share their real-world learnings on testing, and scaling AI projects for CX goals.

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Dubai, UAE

Dubai, UAE

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