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6th June 2024 | Dubai, UAE

MIT SMR Connections – Data & Analytics


At MIT SMR Connections we explore the latest trends on leadership, managing technology, and digital transformation.

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Data & AI are already powering several sectors and will become a key factor in economic development. While AI solutions offer significant opportunities, they also present some challenges. Although data & AI are part of every business discussion, studies reveal that less than half of the data collected by businesses effectively provide value.

MIT Sloan Management Review is thrilled to announce its upcoming Data & Analytics Summit in the region to address the challenges faced by organizations and equip the leaders with tools and techniques to utilise data to its full potential, generate value, and maximise business impact. Our 1-day summit aims to bring together global advocates, industry leaders, policymakers, and innovators, delving into how data & AI can be leveraged to drive growth and innovation in the region.

Our conference will feature keynotes, illuminating enterprise use-case presentations, engaging panel discussions, and enlightening tech talks. Join us to understand the latest trends & techniques in data analytics, discover new tools and technologies, and gain the skills and knowledge you would need to make data-driven decisions that enhance your organization’s performance.


11:00 AM
Keynote: Data, Analytics & AI: Can we harness our collective intelligence?

In an era where algorithms shape decisions, do we risk overlooking the value of human intuition and experience? As machines gain more autonomy, are we relinquishing too much control? Perhaps the true value lies not in the data itself but in our capacity to question, challenge, and reinterpret the insights. This digital landscape demands intelligence amplification, involving AI algorithms to enhance human capabilities.

11:20 AM
Architecting Next-Gen Data Management Design

Should organizations opt for off-the-shelf data solutions or invest in bespoke architectures? In this discussion, we will unravel the complexities of data management priorities, challenging norms, and igniting fresh perspectives.

11:40 AM
The Future of AI & Data Science Trends

These trends will have a significant impact on the way we use data science. Data leaders will answer the most pressing questions. How can Gen AI create real economic value for organizations? Is data science shifting from artisanal to industrial? 

12:00 PM
Panel: From Autonomy to Collaboration: Rethinking the Role of Data and AI Leaders

For organizational success, it is imperative for leaders to synchronize their endeavors, prioritizing the integration of analytics and AI. These technologies are instrumental in deciphering data intricacies and generating value, both internally for employees and externally for customers. Leaders will collaborate with peers to tackle a real data problem within a limited time frame.

12:30 PM
Navigating the Data Maze: Deciphering Options for Modern Data Repositories
12:45 PM
Panel: Data Governance: Establishing a Robust Strategy for Cultivating Data Culture

Data is multifaceted, it intersects with technology, ethics, law, and society. How do we balance security with transparency? How do we ensure the integrity of our data governance frameworks? It is imperative for organizations to cultivate a data culture that prioritizes inclusivity, quality, agility, and compliance, setting the stage for an environment where data is not just an asset but a core facet of the organizational identity.

01:15 PM
Lunch Break
02:00 PM
Panel: Is your data AI ready?

In the race to embrace artificial intelligence (AI), one fundamental truth emerges: data readiness is the linchpin of success. From thorough cleansing to validation, the journey to mitigate biases and ensure reliable outcomes is paramount. The dangers of biased models and poor data quality provoke contemplation on the ethical and practical implications of AI integration. The key message is clear: organizations must prioritize data integrity and transparency to unlock the full potential of AI amidst its intricate landscape.

02:30 PM
Data Deluge: Balancing Quantity, Quality, and Infrastructure

As humanity grapples with an unprecedented influx of data, a pressing question arises: What thresholds must we navigate to optimize machine learning efficacy? Will synthetic data surpass authentic datasets in quality? Furthermore, what scale of data centers is necessary to fuel large language models (LLMs) toward maximal precision?

02:45 PM
Panel: Innovations in Sustainable Data Center Management

Data centers account for approximately 3% of global electricity consumption—exceeding that of many countries—and contribute 2% of worldwide carbon emissions. They face increasing pressure to prioritize sustainability. Additionally, they grapple with a skill gap and are caught in an acquisition-driven competition to cut operational expenses. We explore the strategies data leaders are contemplating to scale up intelligently, curtail operational expenses, and elevate sustainability initiatives. Can we engineer a future where data centers thrive without compromising the planet?

03:15 PM
Is open data, open and usable?

In the era of big data, the concept of open data has been hailed as a catalyst for innovation and progress. But does accessibility guarantee usability? Can open data alone fuel innovation, or are additional elements such as creativity, contextual comprehension, and technological advancements indispensable? Is FAIR (findable, accessible, interoperable, and usable) data what we need?

03:30 PM
Panel How Decision Intelligence is Solving Enterprise Data Quality Challenges

In today's enterprises, data integrity is crucial for executive effectiveness, influencing decisions and operations. Challenges in data completeness, accuracy, and consistency demand innovative solutions. Scholars and practitioners tackle these complexities through advanced reporting and systems. However, managing escalating data volumes remains a pressing concern for actionable insights.

04:00 PM
Big Data Quiz - Data Monetization: Navigating the Nexus of Privacy, Security, and Ethics in the Digital Economy

In today's data-driven world, enterprises are increasingly exploring data monetization as a strategic avenue for revenue generation. While the rewards are undoubtedly enticing, it is crucial for enterprises to be aware of and adeptly address the counterintuitive insights and challenges to ensure a successful data monetization strategy. Bring your questions, engage with domain experts, and gain insights on how to best leverage your data.

04:15 PM
Closing Remarks


Dubai, UAE

Dubai, UAE

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