Will this Advanced AI-Skills Match Tool Transform Talent Acquisition?

The AI tool aggregates and refines talent, matching the candidates and the job requisition

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    Selecting the ideal candidate for a role is critical for any organization’s achievements. In today’s competitive job market, where skillset precedes degrees, recruiters sift through many resumes to find the ideal match for specific job roles. 

    Now, to accelerate the hiring process, making it accurate and skill-centric, iMocha has launched an innovative AI-Skills Match Engine. The tool aggregates and refines external talent, accurately matching the candidates and the job requisition, incorporating the organization’s job architecture using AI.

    Helping HR leaders gather all job applications in one place, assess them against the job’s primary and secondary skill requirements, and validate each candidate’s skills through AI, the AI tool integrates seamlessly with SAP SuccessFactors and other ATSs. 

    How does this work?

    The AI-Skills Match tool evaluates each applicant using two AI engines. One matches job-specific skills with the applicant’s resume, and the other considers secondary factors like location, certifications, and industry background to create an ideal candidate profile. 

    This, iMocha claims, reduces time and eliminates any risks of unconscious bias or other human-induced errors during the hiring process.


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