The Future Probed: Hear From Experts at The NextTech Summit

Experts on artificial intelligence, fintech, regulatory landscape, and more, will headline the summit.

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  • In an increasingly interconnected world, the impact of generative artificial intelligence, virtual worlds, and digital payments, spans across all sectors.

    MIT Professors, thought leaders and industry heavyweights will gather in Dubai for the inaugural edition of the NextTech Summit.

    Organized by MIT Sloan Management Review Middle East, the summit will delve into the emerging technologies at the forefront of the next digital revolution. The summit will focus on three main tracks: generative AI, virtual worlds, digital payments and currencies.

    Panel discussions will include leveraging generative AI to shape the future of your organization, unlocking the business potential of the metaverse, as well as the rise of digital currencies, and the future of payments landscape, among others.

    Calum Chace, best-selling author of Surviving AI and other books on artificial intelligence, will join as a key speaker at the summit.

    “The launch of GPT-4 this March was a powerful and dramatic demonstration of the power of advanced AI. This technology will change everything about the way we live and work. And we are still only at the beginning of this exciting journey,” Chace said. “We will have to make far-reaching decisions as this technology evolves, so it is important that we all understand as much as possible what it is, what it can do for us, and what it cannot do.”

    Emphasizing the need to navigate the transformative potential of new technologies, key speaker Dr. Clara Guerra, Deputy Director, Office for Financial Market Innovation and Digitalization, Liechtenstein, said, “As regulators, our role is to guide innovation to contribute to a sustainable, inclusive future. And that can only be achieved through informed dialogue and collaboration, the very essence of an event like the NextTech Summit.” She added, “The NextTech Summit is vital for fostering dialogue and collaboration, empowering us to shape technology as a tool of humanity.”

    Ahmed Abdelaal, Group CEO of Mashreq, noted how the summit serves as the ideal platform to explore advanced technologies that are reshaping various industries. “As leaders, we are responsible for staying at the forefront of these advancements, fostering innovation and embracing disruptive ideas. This summit provides a unique platform to engage with thought leaders and industry pioneers, facilitating critical discussions and forging collaborations that will shape the future of our businesses and economies.” He noted, “Together, we can harness the transformative power of technology to drive sustainable growth and deliver exceptional value and experience to our customers in this rapidly evolving digital landscape.”

    Other notable speakers across industries include Adel Ahmad Al Redha, COO of Emirates Airline, Lake Dai, Adjunct Professor of Applied AI at Carnegie Mellon University, and Rola Abu Manneh, CEO of Standard Chartered Bank – UAE.

    Technology Innovation Institute is the presenting partner of the summit, supporting the vision of exploring the future of business and technology.

    Boston Consulting Group (BCG) has joined as the gold partner of the summit.

    Speaking about the summit, Ravi Raman, Publisher of MIT Sloan Management Review Middle East, said, “Gen AI’s integration is driving organizations to adopt other AI technologies. The virtual world and digital currencies are inspiring businesses to explore new markets and untapped customer segments. Understanding these emerging tech is vital for businesses to remain competitive and relevant in the evolving digital landscape. NextTech Summit is bringing domain experts and business leaders to discuss this in detail.”

    The summit will take place on 20 September 2023 at the Ritz-Carlton, Dubai, UAE. It will be attended by over 400 global industry leaders and key decision-makers from the world of technology, offering thought-provoking conversations and valuable insights on transformative technologies.

    Early-bird registration is now open here.


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