NextTech Summit By MIT Sloan Management Review Middle East Will Explore Future Technologies

The summit will focus on three main tracks that are disrupting the future of business and technology.

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  • From the rise of generative AI to the possibilities of digital twins, there’s no denying that there’s an unprecedented digital revolution.

    MIT Sloan Management Review Middle East is launching the NextTech Summit, one of the biggest tech-leadership gatherings in the MENA region that will explore the latest ideas and concepts that are disrupting the future of business and technology.

    The summit will focus on three main tracks shaping future technologies – Generative AI, virtual world, digital payments and currencies while addressing its ethical, social, and economic implications.

    To be hosted in Dubai, UAE, on September 20, 2023, it will bring together global changemakers, scholars, industry leaders, policymakers, and innovators, for in-depth discussions on emerging technologies, such as automation, artificial intelligence, blockchain, the metaverse, and its implications on businesses.

    What does it mean to be a leader in a new digital economy? How can leaders empower employees to succeed? With the rapid implementation of digitalization, rising competitors, the need for agility, and an increasingly diverse and demanding workforce, today’s executives need to adopt and embrace the changing nature of leadership. The summit will kick off with a keynote address reimagining leadership for the new economy.

    Is generative AI technology a crucial game-changer for businesses? How can corporations and individuals capitalize on the strategic advantages of generative AI and its impact across industries? How can it accelerate labor productivity and customer experience? The summit will take a deep dive into generative artificial intelligence – from its utilization to gain a competitive edge in the business landscape to strategies for balancing automation and, originally, exploring its cybersecurity threat.

    Despite the hype, the concept of the metaverse and virtual worlds is still relatively abstract. Will it become part of our daily lives? How will it affect the way we socialize and work? The summit will look into the tremendous opportunity for businesses and organizations, the growing need to establish governance and regulations, the potential of digital twins for businesses, and accelerating the adoption of Web3.

    At the same time, there’s no denying that digital payments and digital currencies are disrupting traditional business ecosystems. The summit will delve into rising issues in financial innovation, such as navigating the payments regulatory landscape, leveraging blockchain and crypto payments, and the significance of mobile point of sale, among other topics.

    Speaking about NextTech Summit, Ravi Raman, publisher of MIT Sloan Management Review Middle East, said, “NextTech summit aims to be the perfect platform to discuss technologies shaping our world and businesses. Unlike other conferences, it will bridge the gap between theory and practice allowing attendees to understand these technologies deeply.”

    Attendees can expect thought-provoking keynotes, live sessions, and interactive deep dives, and they’ll walk away with trusted strategies, ahead-of-the-curve insights, right-time resources, and emerging AI techniques.

    Stay tuned to get to know the impressive lineup of speakers, consisting of authors, industry experts, and innovative leaders.

    Registrations are now open for the summit.


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