Edge AI Will Start to Transform Business in 2024

Next-gen AI chips, hybrid edge-cloud architectures, and new Gen AI applications will open new opportunities

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    For years, businesses have been implementing edge computing. Today, businesses can benefit from the adoption of Edge AI, which combines AI’s efficacy, the adoption of IoT devices, and edge computing’s power. In fact, edge applications are driving the next wave of AI computing in ways that improve our lives.

    In 2024, the Edge AI landscape will be transformed. Next-gen AI chips, hybrid edge-cloud architectures, software supremacy, and the rise of new Gen AI applications “at the edge” will revolutionize the business world. 

    According to EdgeCortix’s 2024 predictions, the Edge AI landscape is bursting with potential, with hardware and software innovations merging and transforming industries and opening new horizons at the frontier of AI. 

    Next-gen efficient Edge AI Chips will break barriers:

    The next-gen energy-efficient AI chips break the barriers of processing power and redefine them. These chips are powerful and customized for multi-modal generative AI and efficient language models, enabling cutting-edge AI capabilities at low power for a whole new spectrum of applications.

    Hybrid Edge-Cloud Architectures will emerge, built for speed:

    In 2024, it’s all about the optimal balance. There will be a boom in hybrid edge-cloud architectures that seamlessly integrate edge devices with cloud resources. This is not just about efficiency; it’s about enhancing multi-modal generative AI and language models at the edge. The outcome? Fast responsiveness, reduced latency, and a scalability surge for potent Edge AI applications.

    Software will eclipse hardware at the edge:

    The edge is diverse and fragmented, with many technologies and historic corporate investments. Software is the answer to unifying this heterogeneous landscape. The software-driven hardware solutions are the key to enabling Edge AI capabilities on existing hardware systems. Businesses can then use their current hardware and gain new Edge AI benefits.

    New Gen AI application:

    Companies will embrace GenAI solutions where their customers and employees are active. Tailoring the user experience with anticipatory content to match a user’s habits or tastes and offering information to boost employees’ efficiency. These new solutions will have to cope with the lack of power or conventional hardware in today’s data centers. There could be a new wave of hardware and software solutions to satisfy these end-customer’s expectations.

    Edge AI will open innovations:

    In 2024, we will see innovative applications in robotics, indoor farming, primary education, healthcare development, security, communications, and remote medical access. Gen AI will impact the fashion, music, and media industries. 

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