An AI-Powered Observer Joins Abu Dhabi's International Holdings Board

Aiden Insight will offer real-time insights to inform discussions and guide decisions

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  • [Image source: Pankaj Kirdatt/MITSMR Middle East]

    Artificial intelligence is starting to permeate the corporate UAE. AI’s increased use in standard business processes is changing how business is done. 

    The latest initiative by Abu Dhabi as the UAE races to become a global leader in testing and regulating AI technology is the International Holding Company (IHC) appointing an artificial intelligence (AI)-powered observer – Aiden Insight– to its board of directors. 

    This initiative positions the $239 billion conglomerate as a pioneer in leveraging AI for corporate governance and decision-making.

    The Abu Dhabi holding firm said Aiden will attend IHC board meetings as a non-voting observer, offering real-time insights to inform discussions and guide decisions.

    This, it said, will help human board members make better decisions. 

    The observer will process and instantly analyze decades of business data, market trends, global economic indicators, and financial information. 

    The AI’s role will include compliance monitoring and risk assessment.

    The initiative, powered by the AI capabilities of Group 42 and Microsoft, is set to revolutionize how the company navigates the complexities of the global investment landscape by assisting human board members in making better strategic business and investment decisions.

    “Aiden will provide us with unparalleled data analysis and strategic insights, ensuring that IHC remains at the forefront of industry developments and continues to deliver value to our stakeholders,” said Sheikh Tahnoun bin Zayed Al Nahyan, Deputy Ruler of Abu Dhabi and UAE’s National Security Adviser, and Chairman of IHC.

    Last year, G42, which has been at the forefront of the UAE’s AI efforts, partnered with OpenAI, the creator of ChatGPT, to deliver cutting-edge AI solutions to the UAE and regional markets.

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