Redefining User Experience with Ultra Platforms

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Focusing on user experiences and making them seamless is our biggest driver, says Abdallah Abu-Sheikh, Founder of Astra Tech & CEO of Botim.

Ultra platforms offer a unified user experience with multiple use cases, such as financial services, without requiring separate journeys for each function. For instance, within chat, you can seamlessly access financial services, send and receive money, and do much more, all within a single user journey. This contrasts with traditional platforms, where you might have to navigate separate user experiences for tasks like ordering food and booking a ride.

In an exclusive interview for the MIT SMR Voices series, Abdallah Abu-Sheikh, Founder of Astra Tech and CEO of Botim, talks about integrating the latest technologies into the company’s services to make user experiences seamless.

Abu-Sheikh also answers some key questions on Botim’s transformation into an Ultra App, including those mentioned below:

  1. Explain Palm Pay’s security measures and how they compare to other biometric payment methods?
  2. Astra Tech has seen significant growth in transaction volumes. What strategies have been most effective in driving this growth?


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