Technological progress has evolved through various eras — the dot-com boom, the rise of social media, the blockchain era, and the emergence of the metaverse. Each has contributed to the accumulation of knowledge and capabilities.

Talking about the next frontier in emerging technologies, Mohammad Abeidat, Group Vice President of Technology, Aramex, UAE, in an interview for MIT SMR Voices, says quantum computing holdsimmense possibilities and is poised to introduce a paradigm shift in our computational abilities.”  

Apart from sharing his thoughts on the next big breakthrough technology, Abeidat also touches on two key questions: 

  1. How important is training young people in digital skills to realize a comprehensive digital transformation? 
  2. How is UAE’s digital infrastructure helping to expand the innovation ecosystem?

While the UAE’s forward-thinking digital infrastructure is ushering in a new era of innovation and progress, investing in education, infrastructure, and research is crucial. 

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