Making Sense of the AI & Gen AI Trend with Data Streaming Thought Leaders Briefing



With MIT SMR Connections, we explore how leadership and management are transforming. We invite a select set of industry leaders to discuss key trends shaping their roles and businesses with technologies.

About This Edition

For businesses to thrive in the evolving AI landscape, it is essential to steer clear of the obstacles posed by outdated data-at-rest architectures. Instead, businesses should construct their contemporary AI framework based on dynamic, real-time data.

Achieving real-time AI demands more than fast algorithms; it requires trustworthy, relevant data served at the moment for smarter, faster insights. This is precisely why data streaming is emerging as the fundamental infrastructure for the modern AI stack.

Join us for exclusive access to conversations on key trends and exclusive industry insights that will define the future of your business.

Briefing Points:

  • Potential challenges and considerations when implementing data streaming as part of an AI strategy
  • Addressing data drifts when training and deploying AI models in a streaming data environment
  • The role  fast algorithms play in achieving real-time AI and its interaction with data streaming
  • Ensuring fair and unbiased outcomes through real-time data streaming
  • Best practices for data streaming pipelines for AI and machine learning projects