Transforming GenAI Accessibility for the Arabic-Speaking World

Core42's latest Arabic LLM is now available on Microsoft Azure.

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  • [Source photo: Krishna Prasad/Fast Company Middle East]

    Core42, a G42 company and full-spectrum AI enablement solutions provider, announced the availability of its latest Arabic Large Language Model (LLM), JAIS 30B Chat, on Microsoft Azure. This collaboration aims to simplify access to cutting-edge AI, enabling deployment across diverse industries.

    JAIS, available through Microsoft Azure AI’s Model-as-a-Service offering, provides pre-trained models and infrastructure, allowing customization to build with Core42’s models to meet diverse needs and specifications. The integration bridges the gap in generative AI accessibility for the world’s 422 million Arabic speakers, enabling use cases such as connecting to end-users with localized solutions, opening new market opportunities, and facilitating multilingual-driven innovation for developers.  

    JAIS 30B Chat sets new industry standards in cross-lingual conversations, retrieval-augmented generation (RAG), summarization, content generation, and reasoning. Tailored for the Arabic language’s intricacies, it fosters inclusivity and addresses critical technology gaps for Arabic speakers. 

    It is trained on a total of 1.63 trillion tokens, which includes a substantial contribution of 475 billion Arabic tokens, complemented by English tokens and code. With this code-augmented bilingual training dataset, JAIS 30B Chat enhances logical reasoning abilities in both languages, positioning it as the premier Arabic LLM for high-quality output and complex downstream tasks. 

    JAIS 30B Chat enables more efficient processing of larger volumes of Arabic text than most other English LLMs.

    “This next step in our collaboration with Microsoft signifies a pivotal moment in our commitment to equitable access to cutting-edge AI technologies. By taking advantage of Microsoft Azure to expand the reach of JAIS, we empower individuals and organizations worldwide to leverage AI for diverse applications, ultimately driving positive societal impact and advancing the frontier of artificial intelligence for all,” said Talal Al Kaissi, Chief Product & Global Partnerships Officer at Core42.

    “Our goal is to offer the most diverse and comprehensive model catalog. JAIS 30B Chat is another addition to our Model-as-a-Service offering on Azure AI for developers to expand their reach and uphold our commitment to offer more model options. That’s why we welcome Core42’s Arabic-centric state-of-the-art JAIS model to Azure,” said Ali Dalloul, Vice President of Azure AI Customer Experience Engineering at Microsoft Corp. 

    JAIS 30B Chat delivers solutions across industries, optimizing communication, service delivery, and workflow efficiency. It provides language support and content translation, aids healthcare with patient management and translation services, and helps the media and entertainment industry through content generation and summarization.



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