Ransomware Continues To Be The Biggest Threat To Business Continuity

According to a new report,cyberattacks remain the top cause of business outages.

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    As fast as businesses are growing and expanding with digital transformation strategies, so are risks and disruptions. Although lessons and insights from past cyberattacks can help companies prepare and respond more successfully to cyberattacks, a recent survey found IT leaders are more concerned about their ability to recover and restore mission-critical data.

    According to Veeam Data Protection Trends Report 2024, cyberattacks remain the top cause of outages. While organizations are emphasizing utilizing the cloud for major recoveries, and increasing their spending on protection, only a small percentage believe they’d be able to recover from even a small crisis in under a week.

    Key findings from the report:

    Using Containers But Not Backing Them All Up: 

    Container usage continues to rise, with 59% of enterprises running them in production and another 37% rolling them out or planning to. Unfortunately, only 25% of organizations use a backup solution that is purpose-built for containers, while the rest backup only some of the underlying components – e.g., storage repositories or database contents. Neither tactic ensures that the applications and services will be resumable after a crisis or even a simple import/configuration error that needs to be undone.

    2024 Will See Significant Job Changes: 

    About 47% of respondents expressed an intent to seek a new job outside their current organization within the next 12 months, representing both a challenge and an opportunity for data protection initiatives. While losing valuable data protection talent puts organizations at a significant disadvantage when crises inevitably strike, the market shift presents an opportunity to add knowledge to protect modern production workloads that reside in clouds, such as Microsoft 365, Kubernetes containers, or other IaaS/PaaS deployments.

    Hybrid Production Architectures are Forcing Reconsideration of Backup

    For the second straight year, the two most important considerations for “enterprise backup” solutions are reliability and protecting cloud-hosted workloads (IaaS and SaaS). This is problematic for organizations relying on older data center-centric data protection solutions. As organizations move workloads from one platform or cloud to another, IT teams relying on legacy backup solutions that do not offer equitable protection of cloud-hosted workloads will struggle to maintain SLAs, particularly those that embrace cloud-native offerings like Microsoft 365/Salesforce (SaaS) or containers.

    There is a need for continued cyber vigilance and the importance of every organization ensuring they have the right protection and recovery capabilities. 

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