NextTech Summit’s 2024 edition will focus on 5 emerging technologies

The second edition of the biggest emerging technologies summit will be held in Dubai.

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The NextTech

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    MIT Sloan Management Review Middle East has announced the second edition of its hugely successful NextTech Summit with an expanded agenda. 

    Companies considering adopting a particular technology typically base their decision on the strength of the business case, but emerging technologies cannot be seen in isolation. Many technologies like AI, machine learning, and quantum computing are clearly interrelated. 

    The NextTech Summit will delve into these emerging technologies at the forefront of the next digital revolution. MIT professors, thought leaders, and industry heavyweights will gather in Dubai for the second edition of the NextTech Summit.

    Speaking about the summit, Ravi Raman, Publisher of MIT Sloan Management Review Middle East, said “Unifying technologies can unlock huge potential, we are seeing how the application of emerging technologies by organizations is resulting in new business models. Building on our last edition’s agenda, this time we focus on five emerging technologies and how their intersection can reshape businesses and create value.” 

    The summit will take place on May 29, 2024, in Dubai and will be attended by over 400 global industry leaders and key decision-makers from the world of technology, offering thought-provoking conversations and valuable insights on transformative technologies.

    Registration will be open in January 2024.


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    The NextTech

    More in this series

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