Google Brings Its Gemini AI Experience to Arabic-speaking Users

An Arabic version of its latest conversational AI model is available through the app to subscribers with a Google One AI Premium plan.

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  • [Image source: Krishna Prasad/MITSMR Middle East]

    In May, during Google I/O, the tech giant announced the latest developments of the Gemini era and future AI features, many of which will soon be available in Arabic and the MENA region. 

    Now, it has expanded Gemini’s mobile experience to Arabic speakers worldwide, introducing a dedicated app for Android users and making it accessible within the Google app for iOS devices.

    Gemini is Google’s multimodal AI model. Originally launched as Bard last year, it can understand questions in more than 16 Arabic dialects and provide responses in modern, standard Arabic.

    An Arabic version of its latest conversational AI model, Gemini Advanced, is also now available through the app to subscribers with a Google One AI Premium plan.

    Users can access Gemini 1.0 Pro for free on their phones, enabling seamless collaboration with Google’s AI by typing, talking, or adding images for assistance. Android users can download the Google Gemini app from Google Play and set Gemini as their primary assistant. iOS users can use or download the Google app and tap the Gemini toggle to start exploring.

    For those seeking advanced features, Gemini Advanced, now available in Arabic, offers the latest AI model, Gemini 1.5 Pro. This model excels in complex tasks such as coding, logical reasoning, following nuanced instructions, and collaborating on creative projects. Users can enjoy a two-month free trial of Gemini Advanced, followed by a subscription plan.

    Gemini also integrates with other Google apps and services through extensions available in English and Arabic. These recently released extensions provide real-time flight and hotel booking information, location-based details from Google Maps, and the ability to summarize content from Google Docs or Gmail directly within the Gemini app.



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