Advances In AI Are Accelerating The Demand For Trusted Data

Salesforce report shows nearly 94% of analytics and IT leaders in the UAE say advances in AI make data management a high priority

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    The future of business is AI-driven, but the value of AI will depend on trusted data. In essence, the effectiveness of AI rests on the quality of its inputs – the adage “garbage in, garbage out” applies here. 

    High-quality data inputs will yield reliable results, and good data will lead to smart model decision-making, innovation, and growth for the organization. 

    The latest Salesforce report on the State of Data and Analytics emphasizes that rapid advancements in AI have made data security all the more important. Nearly 94% of analytics and IT leaders in the UAE say advances in AI make data management a high priority, and about 87% are worried about missing out on its benefits. 

    Another important highlight of the report is only 44% of UAE business leaders are completely confident in their data accuracy. To navigate these challenges, data management teams must power algorithms with high-quality data. At the same time, leaders must focus on improving data governance and creating a data culture to meet the moment. 

    “The AI revolution is actually a data revolution, and a company’s AI strategy is only as strong as its data strategy, with trust at its core,” said Salesforce Chief Data Officer Wendy Batchelder. 

    While the lack of trust highlights companies’ struggle to use data to underpin AI-powered solutions, the number one challenge for business leaders in the UAE is the lack of data training, while analytics and IT leaders cite difficulty ensuring data accuracy and quality as their number one data challenge.

    A key part of building a foundation for AI success is data governance. By establishing clear parameters for data access, accuracy, privacy, security, and retention, leaders leverage data governance to ensure quality, democratize access, and protect privacy. 

    According to the report, most analytics and IT leaders (87%) in the UAE use data governance to ensure and certify baseline data quality, and about 81% of analytics and IT leaders will invest more in data training to strengthen internal data culture.

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