Presight and Wand AI Team Up to Develop GenAI Assistants For UAE Firms

They aim to introduce innovative AI solutions in the finance, retail, real estate, and construction sectors

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  • [Image source: Krishna Prasad/MITSMR Middle East]

    Abu Dhabi-based Presight has teamed up with Wand AI, a US-based company offering enterprise-grade AI assistants, to lead the large-scale deployment of generative AI technology in UAE-based enterprises and provide innovative AI solutions for a wide range of functional roles and industry verticals.

    Over the past several months, the Wand AI and Presight teams, combining Presight’s presence in the UAE ecosystem with Wand AI’s expertise and reputation in the enterprise AI sector, have worked to develop an AI platform that provides generative AI solutions that can be rapidly integrated into existing information resources and workflows to create valuable AI assistants for finance, retail, real estate, and other sectors.

    “Presight and Wand AI share very similar missions to harness the power of AI to solve complex problems and enable human advancement,” said Thomas Pramotedham, CEO of Presight. “This partnership marks a significant milestone in the ongoing generative AI revolution, as we help to redefine how humans collaborate with computers using only natural language.”

    Rotem Alaluf, CEO of Wand AI, added that this large-scale deployment of GenAI furthers its mission to accelerate enterprise AI adoption through intelligent human-AI collaboration.

    Earlier, Presight signed a deal with Dell Technologies to develop solutions to accelerate digital transformation for UAE customers.

    The agreement signifies a major step towards leveraging advanced infrastructure solutions to enhance regional AI and big data adoption.


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